Riding The River Within

Deep within each of us their flows a river of loving energy that brings life to all that it touches. Deep inside us there is a place where we are connected to the Source of All That Is. Within each one of us there is a life force that vibrates in harmony with the entire universe.

This course teaches you how to nurture a spirituality that comes from within. This class invites you to connect with your inner river and to learn how to flow with it in your life. Included in this course are 10 guided imagery meditations, 5 original teachings (each 10-20min. in length), and 5 worksheets. Through this self-guided course, you will experience a greater spiritual connection and learn how to live a more deeply centered life.

Topics include: My Spiritual Journey; Flowing with the Inner River; Letting Go; Opening to the Healing Waters of the River Within; Synchronicity and the Law of Attraction; The Portal of the Present Moment; and Spiritual Alignment. 

Once you have made a payment online or via check email Kathleen@findinghealingwithin.com and you will receive the course password and instructions.

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Riding the River Within

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