How to Love Yourself Completely Level One

We carry within us a sacred treasure.  When we do not love ourselves, we separate ourselves (in our own mind and heart) from our deepest essence, which is love. The Divine Source lives within us as unconditional love and is the foundation of who we are.  We can’t destroy this foundation, but we can layer it with beliefs about our self that keep us unreceptive to what is our natural birthright.

What are some of our beliefs that distort our receptivity to the Divine Source of Love within us? “I am not worthy. I am not lovable. Happiness is outside of me.  I cannot trust myself.  Deep down I am inherently evil or defective. It’s better to put others before myself for only then will I ever be worthy of love.  I need to please others to be loved.”

This eight-session course provides practical teachings and processes so that we can learn to love ourselves and reclaim our natural birthright. We can begin to extend compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness towards our self and learn to experience the love of the Divine in our lives.

Through eight original teachings and guided imagery meditations you will learn how to become more loving toward yourself. The teachings and guided imagery meditations are each approximately 15-20 minutes in length. The topics include: Why it is Hard to Love Yourself Completely; Changing How you See Yourself; How to Forgive Yourself; How to Honor Your Feelings; and How to Create Healthy Boundaries.

The following is a free sample class from the How to Love Yourself Completely Part One Course on “Why It’s Important to Love Yourself”. You can also listen to a free sample meditation entitled “Exploring Yourself” listed below.

Free Sample Classes:

Why is it Important to Love Yourself, Teaching
Exploring Yourself, Meditation

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