Beyond Shame: Moving With Power In Your Life

Shame, like nothing else, can block the movement toward empowerment in our lives. Shame is a feeling state that often carries with it a whole system of negative beliefs about ourselves and others. Unlike the experience of guilt, which causes us to feel badly about something that we do, shame is the experience of feeling badly about who we are. It is for this reason that its effects can be so corrosive and can assault our very core.

This class will teach you how to meet any shame that you still carry with love and light so that it can no longer hold you hostage. You can then remember how loved you really are–no matter what! Topics will include: The Process of Empowerment; The Process of Disempowerment; What Causes Shame? Healing Shame; Saying “No” to Shame and Saying “Yes” to Yourself.

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Beyond Shame

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