Kathleen Denison M.A., CHT

Kathleen Denison received her Masters in Applied Spirituality from the University of San Francisco in 1979. Her background includes teaching, spiritual direction, prison chaplaincy and counseling She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Ms. Denison is a gifted teacher with a visionary commitment to the development of unique healing tools combining spirituality and guided imagery.

For the past twenty years Kathleen has used guided imagery with groups and individuals and has composed healing music to accompany these meditations She has a passion for helping people connect to their own inner spiritual resources in order to experience well-being and joy in their lives. She is the originator of the Finding Healing From Within process, which has been taught in the San Francisco Bay area and in other parts of the country.

Kathleen offers private sessions for spiritual and emotional integration for $100 an hour. These can be phone sessions or in person sessions in her offices in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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(415) 927-3332