Finding Community Within

Each of us carries within ourselves a number of different voices, wants, needs and desires. We travel with an inner community.

An important part of our inner spiritual journey is getting to know all of the different aspects of who we are. This class teaches us how to image various aspects of who we are (our subpersonalities) and learn how to love and accept them. It offers us a new and exciting way to relate to our own inner conflicts. Through the use of guided imagery meditations, readings, discussion, and facilitated sharing, we will gradually get to know our own inner community and understand how to relate to it in ways that are healing and empowering for us.

This course is available through Distance Learning. You will have access to all of the written and audio course materials at home on your own schedule. Once you are given the password for this course you can listen to the teachings and meditations on this website, download them to a CD, or listen to them through phone recordings.

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Finding Community Within Course

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