We are each connected to the Divine and to one another from a place deep within ourselves. This is where all healing originates whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual.

In this place there is a “higher” aspect of our Self that provides us with guidance. This is the aspect of our soul that understands why we chose to be in this particular life, in this particular way. It knows what it wants to learn, experience, and accomplish. We can access this knowing when we listen to our soul or Higher Self. This knowing is deeper than the mind. We know when we have connected to it because it resonates with our heart and provides us with an inner sense of peace and purpose. Our mind may doubt its validity, but our heart cannot.

The peace, contentment, love and connection that we seek is always here for us in each moment. When we are most true to ourselves, we are true to the Divine. If we listen to the longing of our heart, we can find what it means to be true to our self. If we look at what we most deeply desire in life, we can begin to find our unique path. If we can discover what brings us the most joy, then we have found where the Divine lights our way. The possibilities are endless.

In order to assist you in this process, this website introduces my current course offering as well as archived previous classes that are available for fee-based online sessions (see Distance Learning for Free Sample Classes).

May this serve you well,

Kathleen Denison M.A., CHT

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